Standard Mix Pack

$49.99 $168.47
Standard Mix Pack - Wash on Wheels Supplies

Standard Mix Pack

$49.99 $168.47
$49.99 $168.47
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• 32oz Hulk Foam Soap w/Wax

• 16oz All Purpose Cleaner

• 16oz Spray Wax

• W.O.W Foam Soap is an easy to use high suds - high wax solution formulated to clean and shine all vehicles. This non-streaking, no residue solution removes mud, dirt, grime, bugs, water spots, etc; leaving your vehicle with an amazing high gloss shine.

• A Heavy Duty , acid-free , low foaming all purpose car cleaner formulated to cleanse, remove, enhance, and detail

• W.O.W spray wax not only provides a deep high-end gloss but this formula also provides a coating that protects your vehicle from external elements and oxidation.

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