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Nano 9h Ceramic Coating

Nano 9h Ceramic Coating

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  • Super high and Low-Temperature resistance
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Can be used to coat the whole car
  • Can be used on car paint, wheel hub, rims, lights, glass, engine, leather vehicle interior and on plastic parts.

How to apply:

  •  Wrap the small black cloth tightly around the sponge
  1. Shake the bottle and then apply several drops to the cloth. or draw a think line down the center of the cloth with the bottle.
  2. Wipe a thin layer across the car surface. First horizontally and then vertically. to ensure an even application. 
  3. Continue to spread in a crisis cross pattern until u have completely covered the section. Add drops as needed. 
  4. Let the coating sit generally. between 1-5 mins then remove the residue by buffing with. a separate microfibre towel. 
  5. Once done proceed to apply and then buff the coating 1 body part at a time to the rest of the car.

Apply panel by panel or a maximum of 2 small sections at once. For large panels (eg the hood) we recommend splitting them into 2-4 manageable sections.



  • Add drops as needed to keep the applicator damp and smooth on application.
  • Change cloths every few panels or if coating crystallized on them. 
  • Make sure you have evenly covered each section. Inspect from multiple angles.
  • After coating wait:  50° F (10 ° C) - 4-5mins, 60° F (15° C) - 2-3 mins, 70° F +(20° C +) - 1 min.


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Customer Reviews

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Richard Brown (New York, US)
Best on the Market

This is the best i order 50 bottles to run my detail shop. I dont need to say anything more. If it never worked i wouldnt have purchased 50 bottles thanks again for great customer care service

Marcus Jones (Union City, US)

Nano 9h Ceramic Coating